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product classification
  • TGK heat guns are widely used in different manufacturing industries and are commonly used for thawing, paint removal, bo

  • TGK electric screwdrivers are widely used in assembly lines. Is an indispensable tool for most manufacturing companies

  • TGK welding tools, rapid temperature rise, high heat, stable and reliable quality, is the right assistant for the electr

  • TGK hardware series tools, the highest quality, is your first choice!

  • TGK soldering equipment repair: quality, service first.

  • TGK hot melt adhesive gun: extraordinary heat, melt into the hearts of the people, for the first full plastic, gun.


business introduction

Industrial hot air gun

Takgiko international involved in manufacturing, hotel services, industrial park investment and property management industry, the organic silicone products, bakelite products, electronic hardware tools products, widely used in various fields of industry, Home Furnishing and global coverage.

By the high investment in the development of investment operations Limited Germany to high-tech innovation park is located in Baoan District Xin'an street, Tsim Dagangshan strategic emerging industry gathering area, park area of about 35000 square meters, is one of the 2016 Baoan District Xin'an street ten industrial park project, the introduction of Nubia (ZTE) and other 28 companies, which accounted for the national high-tech enterprises more than 25%.

Under the flag of Shenzhen dezhigao Hi Tech Co. Ltd. started in the electronic hardware tool industry, from 1990, is a collection research and development, production and sales of hardware, electronic tool manufacturers, is a national high-tech enterprises and high-tech enterprises in Shenzhen City, the company always adhere to the "morality oriented high integrity" business philosophy, independent brandIndustrial hot air gunandHot air gun manufacturerBased on scientific and technological innovation, provide professional hardware, electronic tools products and electronic process system solutions for the manufacturing industry.

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