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Power tools industry continues to be optimistic about the future direction of development

Power tools industry continues to be optimistic about the future direction of development

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As one of the common application tools, electric tools can be seen everywhere, such as electric drills, electric saws, cutting machines, lawn mowers, etc.. Electric tools are widely used and are important equipment for daily production and life. They play an indispensable role in the development of society and economy. Electric tool has therefore been included in the advanced equipment manufacturing industry category, outlook continues to improve.

Power tools are usually powered by small capacity motors or electromagnets, driven by a transmission structure, which is a hand-held or portable mechanical tool. According to the national standard, generally divided into hand-held power tools, removable power tools, electric garden tools in three categories.

Electric tools can be widely used, including machinery industry, building decoration, landscaping, wood processing, financial processing, etc.. It can be said that almost all involved in electric tool industry, the market capacity is huge.

After 1940s, the electric hardware tools have become an international production tool, and the popularity has been greatly improved. It has become one of the indispensable household equipment in the family life of developed countries.

China's power tools have been in mass production since 1970s, flourishing in 90s, and expanding the total industrial scale. According to statistics, by 2013, China's electric hardware tool industry output value reached 58 billion 512 million yuan, an increase of about 23.91%, sales revenue of 47 billion 878 million yuan, an increase of 15.28%.

According to the current development trend of electric tools, is expected to continue the two digit growth, future prospects can be expected. By 2018, China's electric hardware tool industry sales revenue will reach 128 billion 300 million yuan, the growth space is still impressive.

Although the size of the power tool industry continues to expand, but the competitiveness of most enterprises in China is relatively weak, in the imitation stage of lower level in technology, mainly for foreign manufacturers OEM production, brand awareness is not strong, with low prices to get profit.

The future to seize more market share from the huge market, the domestic electric tools enterprises to improve product quality and technical level, establish brand awareness, carry out differentiated competition, increase investment in research and development, improve value-added products, a good grasp of the direction of technology development.

Shenzhen dezhigao Hi Tech Co. Ltd. started in the electronic hardware tool industry, from 1990, is a collection research and development, production and sales of air gun, hardware, electronic tool manufacturers, is a national high-tech enterprises and high-tech enterprises in Shenzhen City, the company always adhere to the "morality oriented high integrity" business philosophy, telephone: 0755-27872999.

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