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Hot air gun manufacturers guide your use of electric irons

Hot air gun manufacturers guide your use of electric irons

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Under the guidance of the hot air gun manufacturers to use your electric iron:

1. guidance

Another type of maintenance tools and 850 hot air gun is racing together bridle to bridle 936 electric iron, 936 iron anti-static (usually black), there are no anti-static (usually white), choose the best selection of 936 electric iron anti-static adjustable temperature electric iron. In function, 936 electric iron used for welding, the method is very simple to use, as long as the use of electric iron head alignment welding welding components can best use of welding flux, welding is not conducive to a good cause short circuit.

Hot air gun manufacturer

2. operation

(1) the electric iron power plug into the socket, open the power switch of electric iron.

(2) wait for a few minutes, the electric iron temperature switch are adjusted at 200 degrees, 250 degrees, 300 degrees, 350 degrees, 400 degrees, 450 degrees, to touch the rosin and solder, observe the temperature of electric iron.

(3) the power switch off the electric iron, and unplug the power plug.

Disassembly and welding of small components of mobile phone

Disassembly and welding tools for small components

To prepare for the following tools before removing small components:

Hot air gun for removing and welding components.

The electric iron used to welding or repair welding of small components.

The finger clamp: when removing the small element between the melting solder will remove small components. Welding for fixing small components.

Magnifier with lamp: easy to observe a small component of the position.

Maintenance platform: to fix the circuit board. The maintenance platform should be reliably grounded.

Anti-static wrist: worn on the hand, in order to prevent the static human body damage to mobile phone components.

A small brush, blowing balloons: for small impurity elements on the periphery of the blow away.

Flux: GOOT brand flux or pine perfume (mixture of alcohol and rosin) can be used to add soldering flux to small parts, which is easy to disassemble and weld.

Anhydrous alcohol or water that day: for cleaning circuit board.

Soldering: use in welding.

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