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Industrial hot air gun industry adjustment layout, expand development space

Industrial hot air gun industry adjustment layout, expand development space

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The adjustment of the domestic industrial hot-air gun industry layout, is the natural trend of economic development, the eastern region after these years of technology, talent and capital accumulation, will gradually transition to the high-end products production base, while the emerging gathering will undertake part of the low level of production. Such a division of labor is reasonable, breaking the past single product, regional homogenization serious situation, but also for our industrial hot air gun industry provides a ladder for the development of space.


At present, the development characteristics of industrial hot blast gun industry in China is obvious, large, precision, complex products become the mainstream industry, technology will continue to improve, continue to shorten the manufacturing cycle, industrial hot blast gun industry will continue to move towards informationization, digitization, fine, high speed and automatic direction, significantly enhance the industry comprehensive strength and core competitiveness. Experts say, cheap and hot industrial hot air gun is popular in the international market, domestic industrial hot air gun occupies second of the important position in the import and export of China's mold.

Industrial hot blast gun industry is constantly to catch up with the world advanced level, narrowing the technology gap with the developed countries, many domestic industries and industrial hot blast gun has been able to import products comparable in performance, significantly improve the overall level of the industry, not only to achieve import substitution, but also a considerable part of products exported to the United States, Japan and other developed countries and area. At present, China's industrial hot air gun industry is actively moving towards the international arena and participating in international competition.  Although the developed countries there is still a gap, but according to the current development of the domestic industry, in the next few years, the domestic industrial hot blast gun industry will achieve catch-up, become the backbone of promoting the development of industrial hot air gun, to enhance the overall technological level of development of the industry to a higher level.  Industrial hot air gun industry to further enhance the level of technology and technology, will greatly enhance the ability of domestic enterprises to grasp the market, so that in the next five to ten years to achieve industrial scale and technical level of double qualitative change.

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